Quite simply, Levy Legal Consulting, LLC, was established to fill a void. Claudia Levy has seen it working in a law firm, as a legal recruiting executive, in her leadership roles with professional organizations, and as the career services director at Belmont University College of Law: this is a tough business, and you have to work smarter than your competition to win.

Legal professionals have never faced tougher circumstances in attracting and retaining not only profitable clients, but also top attorneys. It’s a crowded marketplace, with more lawyers in the field, greater pricing pressures and the impact of technology constantly shaping the face of the industry.

Levy Legal Consulting helps law firms excel in recruiting, securing desirable clients and cases, developing robust career advancement programs, and implementing comprehensive practice-growth strategies that ensure success.

Focus areas include:

Legal Talent Recruitment

  • Identifying leading graduates and seasoned attorneys with the necessary experience and specialties, and successfully matching them with the right opportunities.

Law Student Placement

  • Standing out from the crowd with attractive internship, clerkship and summer associate programs.

Employer Training

  • Coaching and human resources policy development for boutique and smaller law firms, including best practices on hiring and nurturing top attorneys.

Ongoing Career Development

  • Programs for talented lawyers and practices that offer valuable continuing legal education and professional advancement.

Business Development

  • Innovative billing models, strategic RFP responses, and practical perspective on operational efficiencies.

Specialized Staffing

  • Targeted recruitment of legal expertise, e-discovery resources and other niche temporary and long-term staffing strategies that control costs.

Custom Projects

  • Having worked with law firms, corporate counsel, government agencies, judges, non-profits and universities – and immersed in the Nashville legal profession – Levy Legal Consulting, LLC, can bring a uniquely qualified perspective to the operational challenges that attorneys face every day.